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Children's Nurture
and Events
Fall 2023


Nursery and Toddler Care

Children 6 weeks through age 4 are welcome during Sunday morning from 8:30-11:30AM.  A qualified, loving, care-giver and an assistant will be there to welcome your child and help you sign in. The rooms are equipped with HEPA-filter GermGuardian air-purifiiers, and toys are sanitized after use.


Bible Presentation and Bible Explorers 

The presentation of ADVENTURE BIBLES for kids in grades 3-5, will be OCT 1, 2023, at the 10:30 service. 

Please email with your child's name if you would like them to receive a Bible.

After 3rd-5th graders receive their Bibles, they will be invited to the Bible Explorer class which explains how to read and understand the contents and set-up of the Bible. 

First Bible Explorer class:

Oct 8, 2023 at 9:45-10:15AM in the Library.

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Kidz Zone

The 2nd-5th Sundays during 10:30 worship, children ages 4 thru 2nd grade are welcome to sit in the supervised Kidz Zone section during the 10:30 service, to dance and play "instruments" during the opening praise songs and sit and pray during the prayer time. Then they will be led to #RidgeKids class up the ramp in the Music Room.


Watch for details for VBS 2024!! 



#RIDGEKIDZ  for age 4 - 2nd grade on the 2nd thru 5th Sundays of each month. 

  • A parent is to check in their child before the service in the Kidz Zone. They will stay in the Kidz Zone until after the prayers then be led to the Music Room for #RidgeKidz.

  • Children will have video lessons on Bible stories, learn songs, and do a craft, game or science activity each week.

  • Parents are to meet children in the classroom following worship to sign them out.

Note:  There is no #RidgeKidz class on the 1st Sunday of the month, so that children may attend 10:30 worship and communion with their family.

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