Dear Families,


As we are getting ready to start school under new state requirements and guidelines, I want to make sure we are all on the same page. While I know this can be a fearful time since none of us have ever experienced this before, the teachers and administration at Hope Ridge Preschool are committed to providing a quality program that is safe, educational, and childfriendly. While many things will seem different with new procedures in place for safety of all, this will still be an environment that fosters love and learning. It is our goal to draw out and inspire the best in our students as we provide them with opportunities to create, explore, and learn. We will continue to be a place where children love to learn and learn with love. The COVID19 Family Handbook  lays out the changes as we enter the next phase from this COVID-19 pandemic. This situation is unprecedented and is constantly evolving, so all changes included in the handbook will remain until further notice. We will make sure that all changes are realistic and feasible for staff and children by following CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines as well as those put forth by our local health department and government.  These policies are in place to ensure that Hope Ridge Preschool is a safe and enjoyable place for your family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Nikki Davis

Director Hope Ridge Preschool.

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